Anirudh Reddy SV

Anirudh Reddy SV


Since childhood, Anirudh has been interested in making new products and always loved having things that no one else did. Hence, he started customising whatever he bought, and this thought gave him the idea to start making products for his clients.His journey so far has been phenomenal. From the times of waiting and struggling for orders to taking up only a limited number of charges on priority is the journey he has travelled, and definitely, it's been a long and hectic journey. But it would be all worth seeing where he has reached in the end.The biggest challenge was investment and clients for him. He had to work in an additive manufacturing firm called Quickshape, where he started his career by learning about professional manufacturing and saving up his salary for the future. He learned about work and how hard it was to live on a salary and save it as he was just 22 when he started working. But, it was fruitful as of today. He will always be grateful for what and how the company Quickshape has taught him and helped him be where he is today.Lexxius Diamonds is a Jewellery and accessory studio where they make 1 of 1 designer jewellery. At Lexxius, they make Italian Jewellery and design from the base of a theme to a concept and develop a plan based on it. Every piece of Jewellery they make, in simple words, is a masterpiece of flawless art. They use diamonds of the highest quality and have a multi checklist on every diamond from us, which no other jeweller does. Their diamonds have no comparison in their quality and presence. They are the finest and have a fire better than the best. "There is a powerful driving force inside everyone that can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality once unleashed," says Reddy.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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