Vikash Kumar Banerjee

Vikash Kumar Banerjee


It has been a long time since Vikash first stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. He was the one who disrupted online used two-wheeler space in India with BikersHighway. His business had done well since it started in 2013. But the model has scalability challenges, and he always wanted to offer something which could grow at a tremendous pace. His venture called "Cafe De Conta" will now solve this concern.In March 2021, he launched the first-ever Rooftop Container Cafe in India. The food and hospitality industry has been most hit adversely during this uncertain time. This was the driving force for him to establish this business. He and his team engineered the Container Cafe. They offer International Cuisines at affordable prices. This is a one-of-a-kind model in the restaurant and cafe business which gives them the edge as well.It proved to be very eco-friendly and low maintenance. Cafe De Conta is India’s First Asset-Based QSR model. Even the pandemic could not stop them from growing as people welcomed the innovative concept. It is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get a franchise. Once anyone gets its franchise, the container belongs to them for life. People who wish to experience innovation or entrepreneurs who want a franchise can visit The cafe offers a variety of international cuisines, all of which are produced in-house and not outsourced, along with the recipes.This journey has taught him that it is okay to fail as long as you learn from that failure and push even harder to achieve what you set out to achieve. Because at the end of the day, it is who tries to succeed.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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