Divya Jeswani

Divya Jeswani


"Coming from a business background, I always had this urge to become an entrepreneur and start something of my own. My vision was always to put effort into my work rather than working for someone else.After my graduation, I was looking forward to my career options with a confused mind and various ideas. Then I realised that this generation is more inclined toward the social world, and I made my mind move in the same direction. One fine day I was sitting in a cafe in my city named Mitti. The restaurant was full of entrepreneurs and freelancers working in different fields. The next day, I landed in the same cafe but with my laptop, doing other things. Later on, I started learning different things about my field and joined some courses related to digital marketing. I knew that many people are jobless and working hard for a living. In the next few days, I came up with an idea to start a consultancy firm to connect freelancers to work.My entrepreneurial journey started with learning and experimenting with different things. It started with building a team of freelancers and then continuing to find services for them. Networking was an essential element for the growth of my brand. I started attending various workshops and networking events that helped me nurture my personal growth.The biggest challenge was to convince the freelancers to justify their rates And convince the project holders to take the services from them. Overcoming it was to build the trust of clients in freelancers. So we mutually agreed to have an MOU signed by freelancers to take them under the name of our brand. It made clients relaxed that they were directly dealing with our brand.It’s been two years of working in this industry, and I have many clients in India and Overseas. I have tremendous growth in my self-confidence and self-esteem. I genuinely believe having something of my own and getting success in it is an enormous achievement.”

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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