Aameer Vishwas Kale

Aameer Vishwas Kale

A.K. Legal & Associates

“Being a law student, I constantly desired to get into practice and litigation. I had even chalked out a path for myself. I started by working as a junior under senior lawyers and planned on gaining experience from them to set up my practice. But I had to quit my job due to some events that unfolded there, with a two-month advance salary in my hand and no idea what I was supposed to do. Eventually, as I started working again, I was able to land my first client, and that too, a huge one for that matter. This was a turning point for me in terms of finances and reputation.This project gave me the boost of motivation that was needed. I hired one clerk for my firm, which was the beginning of something powerful. I have not looked back since then. As the lockdown rolled in, the work was put to a halt, but I used this opportunity to learn and strategise about the business and market and was able to plan my way.When I look back at the time, I lost my job. I felt as if the world around me is crashing down. It was as if I was being pushed down a cliff, and only when you realise that you have a parachute to save your life do you feel relieved. That is precisely how I felt when I started my firm after losing my job. I was apprehensive about starting on my own but had I not left that job. I would not have been able to succeed the way I have today.What matters is to be a good human being regardless of if you’re an entrepreneur, employee, social worker, etc. Be ethical, honest and do everything with a motive to serve people. It is the most satisfying and the best thing one can do with their life.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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