Pritesh Ahire

Pritesh Ahire


“Since childhood, I have been inclined towards entrepreneurship. The sense of owning a company always fascinated me. At the age of 17, I started working in this direction. I began writing blogs related to Agriculture in India, organic Farming, Waste Management In India, Cybercrime and many others. In 2020, I coincidentally read about the Advanced Digital Marketing Course and attended some demo lectures. I enrolled in the course, but soon the lockdown was imposed.While completing the course, I also completed more than 150 to 160 Registered courses related to Digital marketing from Google, Hubspot, SEMrush Accenture and many more institutes. Last month I was awarded the 'Youngest Entrepreneur In India 2021' award at the Indians Achiever Forum New Delhi. I also got the 'Best Citizen Reporter Award of Nashik' from Maharashtra Times. And in 2019, I wrote an article on cybercrime published by the Cyber Crime Department of Maharashtra State.My biggest challenge was my educational background. I graduated with a BSc in Agriculture. So clearly, agriculture and digital marketing did not correlate. However, I learned everything from basic to advanced and became successful. My business is about Digital Marketing. My firm Provides all Services related to Digital Marketing, such as Social Media Marketing, Google Advertising, YouTube Ads, Graphic Design, Website Development, Pay per click ads, etc. In this era, all age groups are using the internet. Before buying any product or service, people tend to search on the net. And my services are to grow your business on the internet. We grow the brand online and Make it visible to potential customers. At Starting, you will see your friends and family making fun of you, but you have to ignore them and do whatever you want. If you dare to do something new or innovative, you must do that under any condition. While doing that 100%, you will face many problems, obstacles, barriers, but without pain, there is no Gain.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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