Raghu Rajaram

Raghu Rajaram

Knowble Minds, Uncage Experiences, Floors & Funds

“I had always wanted to pursue medicine as my profession in childhood. But as is the case with most medical science aspirants, I couldn't get qualified for a medical seat after the board exams. I then started re-assessing my strengths and figured out that I have a passion for innovation and creation while doing my Engineering. My next stop was undoubtedly an MBA to learn the fundamentals of business. I had spent a reasonable 12-year period understanding business operations in various sectors - FMCG, Hospitality, Real Estate, etc. That gave me the much-required insights and confidence to start my firm- Knowable Minds.Entrepreneurship takes a lot of courage and determination, especially if you are a 1st gen Entrepreneur and pursuing your dream full time by quitting your salary-yielding Corporate job. I faced my share of down-times and challenges in the first six months of start-up. I couldn't crack my first account before getting rejected 33 times! The key was learning and improvising every day, which helped me stabilise. It was the pandemic that attributed to the struggle. But I feel every day was worth the effort, and having a portfolio of 20+ clients on board now would not have been possible otherwise. My wife, Deepika, played an important part and was supportive and encouraging in my journey over the last two years. Without that support, things would have taken a different route.The only challenge that I faced since childhood was the financial crisis. At an early age, I understood the importance of education, thanks to my parents, who made no compromise on the quality of my education. Taking up education seriously and excelling in whichever field I chose was the only way to come out of that situation. Our services help our clients project and promote their business to the right audience."

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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