Anand Ganesan

Anand Ganesan

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“To me, entrepreneurship is not just a phase of life, and I strongly believe entrepreneurship is all about our thought process. I always tend to ask “WHY,” After becoming an Entrepreneur, I started getting answers to all the WHYs by myself.I have been with many Ups and Downs in my entire life. The journey has been challenging (mentally, physically and emotionally), and I have been told that I cannot do it. But, I had successfully managed to crack it.After becoming an Entrepreneur, I managed to secure the top 20 startups in the event SOW From Home 2020 – Startup pitch program, where I got to know and had a chance to interact with the investors. Later in the same year, I participated in PitchitE2E conducted by Open People Network (OPN), where 20 startups from 7 different countries were given 2 minutes to pitch their business ideas to investors. This helped me fine-tune my business model, and I managed to attract and get the approval of my investments.Before entrepreneurship, I had successfully been promoted to 8 roles, with the latest of Project Manager. I have also completed a Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO, ITIL foundation, and Diploma in Robotics process automation. I used to be a state-level Athlete on a personal front, and I got trained in Mixed Martial Arts for more than a decade as a Certified Scuba Diver, a Certified fitness trainer, and a diet consultant.“BE A DEAF FROG, MY DEAR FRIENDS”. Success and failures have to be decided by us; it shouldn’t be the opinion of others. Believing and having faith in ourselves is an essential quality a human should have, and success is always an ongoing process. If we think that we had succeeded, remember, “All these years we had managed to discover only less than 5% of life in the Ocean, IN OUR VERY OWN OCEAN.”

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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