Rishabh Singh Rana

Rishabh Singh Rana

Wok Sushi Bao

“I had grown up seeing my parents working in the hotel industry, and at an early age, I pretty much understood how this industry works. I realised that building something of my own was my calling.In my final years of schooling, I decided to build a career in the hospitality sector. Entering a culinary school was the best decision of my life. I met young chefs across the globe and learned about food from a chef’s perspective. After college, I decided to travel to Spain to work and learn the art of cooking with chef Thomas Zakaria in the world’s most prominent chef forum called st. Sebastian gastronomic-a. There I met and interacted with chefs from all around the globe and learned different skills and methods to enhance the art of cooking.I also got an opportunity to work with the world’s seventh restaurant and two Michelin star restaurants, Mugaritz. There I used to eat, think, drink and sleep food. We used to work for 16-18 hours a day and six days a week. I learned the skills and techniques to run a kitchen and the hard work behind putting a world-class dish on the table. After my internship in Spain, I went to Bangkok to work with Michelin star Indian chef Garima Arora.After learning from the stalwarts in the industry, I decided to come back to Ahmedabad and take over my family restaurant. I revamped the entire restaurant, from the name and menu to the interior.My biggest challenge was dealing with the mentality of people in India who saw chefs as cooks were very infuriating, and I wished to change that. I built my restaurant in Ahmedabad with its sub-brands. I try to bring our guests the best service, ambience, and cuisine.My most significant achievement is that my restaurant won the best award in the casual dining category hosted by The Times of India.As a young chef, I want to tell all the budding chefs that being a chef is prestigious, so keep going and earn your chef coat.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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