Dr Ankita Sanghavi

Dr Ankita Sanghavi

Innocent Times Childcare

Ankita had gained six years of experience working at Mercedes Benz when she quit the job and planned to vent into entrepreneurship. It so happened that while working, she was intrigued by having my start-up, so that is what she did. In 2008 She decided to start a childcare services company. While looking for land for the same, she met a person who also ended up being her landlord, and he liked her idea so much that he decided to be a part of it.With everything rolling out smoothly, they were able to start their business but for the first six months, the footfall was low. Until someone asked them about preschool on the premises, this was not what they had planned with their organisation, but they saw an opportunity to grow and took it. An initial couple of years were a little tricky in terms of workforce and finances, but they thrived and could make a profit soon enough. Since their location was such that they were surrounded by many government organisations like NCL and more, they took notice of their centre. Later, in 2011, they were approached by NCL to start a centre on their premises, which led Ankita's firm to get into a government contract with them.Many people advised them not to take up a government contract as it would lead to red tape hassles and budget issues. But being the risk-taker she is, she went ahead with it. Today it has been nine years since this first contract, and since then, she has signed five more along with the main centre that she runs. They are a team of around 60 members with expertise in early education, special education, and training.Her journey had been like a roller coaster ride, emotionally and physically. If there is one thing that she learned from this is that if there is a will, there is a way.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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