Krishna Choudhary

Krishna Choudhary


Born in Kolkata, Krishna had shifted to Ahmedabad with his family due to some personal reasons that they were facing. He had seen his parents struggle to keep him in school and set up a permanent source of income for the family. This drove him to do something big and change this for his family and himself from childhood.He started an e-commerce journey in 2012. He dived into this wanting to make it big but unfortunately, that is not how it went for him. He failed many times, which left him indebted to a considerable amount. To relieve this debt, he tried many things, but everything seemed to be working against him. He was unable to work through this and had almost given up when he got this idea for his current venture- Way2advertize.He pushed through and got rid of his debt with this. He worked day and night to achieve this, and now they have partnered with India's TOP MNC's like Amazon India, LIC, ICICI, Dr. Vivek Bindra, and more. This journey had taught him to give back to society, which he did during the lockdown. They helped those in need during the pandemic with everything they could. Along with this, they have also introduced a channel partnership opportunity for entrepreneurs. Today they have trained over 4000+ people all over India and even in countries like the USA, Pakistan, UAE, UK, and South Africa.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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