Sujata Chatterjee

Sujata Chatterjee

Sujata works in an entirely different industry from her field of studies. She is an engineer by profession and was working in IT when she started having wardrobe troubles one day. She wanted to declutter her wardrobe but did not know how to. She was so fed up with this that she even asked people for solutions. To her surprise, almost everyone she asked said they were going through the same. That made her realise how deep-rooted this problem is and how less it is spoken of. Not only is it a personal space problem but it also has an adverse socio-economic impact. There were many talks and discussions about pollution and environmental safety, but things like fabric wastage, which contributes majorly to these, are not mentioned as often.So, when she got to know that this was a mass problem, she decided to find a solution to it. She decided to educate the consumers, almost ten at a time and spread the awareness and information. She started “Twirl Store” along with her team to recycle the fabric and distribute it to the needy. They let their clients donate any kind of fabric and clothing that they do not find helpful. They give them points that they can use to get new items from their venture. The part of business involving the up-cycling of the older materials to create new things is done by women in the rural areas. This also helps generate employment for such women who need the job and can massively benefit from it."Your mental strength is the biggest and strongest weapon on the battlefield of startups. Use it wisely and precisely,” says Chatterjee.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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