Shreya Hitesh Parekh

Shreya Hitesh Parekh


As a child, Shreya wanted to be an entrepreneur. She always wanted to do something of her own. She always believed that being your own boss can be challenging, but it can also be gratifying.So, she decided to begin her career as an entrepreneur in 2018. She used to work as an event manager and earned a good amount from her job. She decided to invest that income in something that she believed in. At L'a Fumét, she makes perfumes, solid perfumes, roll-on perfumes, room fresheners, soaps, bath salts and scented candles. Everything from making to packing is handmade with love.Her journey as an entrepreneur is still going on. She has learnt a lot from the ups and downs. Starting a business is not easy; it involves a lot of capital, research, content creation, designing the creatives, marketing, new ideas, execution, making products, packaging and many more.As an independent business owner with no partner or team, handling everything on her own has been her biggest challenge. The second on the list is getting sales for her brand.Starting her own business is her most significant achievement; from looking for sponsors to being invited as one is a memorable achievement. To date, she has sponsored more than 20 fests and shows.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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