Uditi Madan

Uditi Madan


“Coming from a humble background, I was determined to do something in business and entrepreneurship to change that. My family’s financial situation motivated me to start thinking like an entrepreneur from a very young age, which I only realise now. Back in school, when there was this trend of making bracelets out of rubber bands, I thought of an idea to profit from it and started selling them in school. Eventually, it was stopped when my teachers found out about it, but that stemmed the business-like thinking in my mind. There have been times when I had to eat raw tomatoes for lunch and dinner, but my parents have been incredibly supportive of everything that I did and want to do. They never let me deprive myself of quality education and ensured that I attended good schools.Even in school, I had friends who came from wealthy families, and whenever we used to hang out at an expensive place, I tried to avoid it. These little things impacted me, and I wanted to change them for my parents and me. The business that I ventured into is inspired by a Mumbai business where a delivery firm, most of the employees are differently abled. I have always had a compassionate side for differently-abled people and wanted to do something for them. In my research, I found that people are not exactly satisfied with the current delivery firms in the market, and it seemed like the right opportunity to get into this business. It has been a year since we started, and we have received a good response. We are still waiting to break even, but with the numbers so far, I am pretty sure that we will, and that too soon.As my mentor tells me, you need to get through winter to enjoy the spring. Good things follow after evil things, which kept me going.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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