Rohan Jadhav

Rohan Jadhav

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“As a child, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After growing up and gaining considerable experience in various jobs, I was confident about entrepreneurship as my profession. I always like to serve people and provide them with suitable solutions. A business can succeed only if you solve people's problems and provide unique services without much competition.At the age of 27, I realised the loophole in the Business Development management in the companies, and after that, I started pitching my services to the small corporate companies. After working three years in a corporate job, I decided to become an entrepreneur.My entrepreneurial journey so far has been good. As the business was started just with an idea and the incentives earned during the job tenure, I initially figured out the clients my view would influence. I started targeting the small business owners familiar to me. By God's grace, the business owners appreciated my offerings, and the onboarding with the clients went very smoothly.In the first three months, I achieved four corporate clients with an average annual turnover of around ten crores. So getting business from these companies was an outstanding achievement for me.Hiring and funding were significant challenges I faced during my entrepreneurial journey. But I overcame these challenges.My most significant achievements were that people accepted my idea. Companies with in-house teams also started outsourcing the same activity to me, and the clients with colossal turnover started increasing. Today everything is working the way I had thought it would.No time, no experience is early or late to work out your idea, believe in yourself and move ahead.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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