Abhishek Maurya

Abhishek Maurya

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“As a child, I was interested in business. A significant reason for this is that my father is a businessman. I have practically seen how he managed to scale it up over the years. Hence, growing up, I was always fascinated by the idea of entrepreneurship and business. So, I was very confident that entrepreneurship was something that I'd do in the long run.So just like most students, even I was in the rat race of preparing for the JEE entrance test and hoping to get into a premium government institute. But I soon realised that I was not made for it, and indeed, I couldn't crack those NITs and IITs. That's when I decided to choose a decent private college that could provide me with a good environment and exposure to get started with an entrepreneurial journey in my life.I'm 20 years old, and I started my first startup when I was in my first year of my engineering. So, people believe that the path of becoming an entrepreneur is the difficult part. But, the real struggles start after you become one. In the early stages, we were just the three co-founders figuring out the destiny of this startup, working day and night to make our events possible. Gradually, we had many people joining us on the journey, and we slowly but consistently kept scaling up.Two months after the launch, The covid pandemic had impacted our operations entirely. The few weeks just went by, planning and strategising what our next steps would be. We came up with the solutions and began venturing online, and it's safe to say we have scaled up so much in the online operations that it would be difficult to reach the same level by this time working on-ground. We even launched another child brand of ours in the same year. My sole advice to everyone is that it's essential to take that first step if you want to start a company or achieve anything. All the other activities will fall into place if you take this step, and things will materialise.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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