Soubhik, Akshay and Pushkraj

Soubhik, Akshay and Pushkraj


“What resonates among all three of us is that when we were young, we were confident that we would turn up as entrepreneurs at some point or the other. Being motivated by world-changing ideas, we knew that we would take this path right from the very beginning. Driven by the passion for solving problems, this career would provide us with the correct elements we always looked forward to getting.Being from the same school and being batchmates, while at school, we did think and come across several ideas, although we didn’t plan anything for years post that. We have been in touch, thinking, and deciding about entrepreneurship for the last few years. During the pandemic, we realised we should start and then face situations as and when they come. My (Soubhik) father is a dementia patient, and one of Akshay’s family members also has dementia. Further, Pushkraj has also seen a few cases of dementia. We realised that technology could be leveraged to solve particular problems related to these patients throughout our journey. This is the pivot point that spearheaded entrepreneurship.Although not long since we started, life as an entrepreneur has been challenging. From connecting with different stakeholders to understanding user requirements, given that we are into healthcare, we need to take extra care in ensuring that we can develop the very best solutions we intend to. The day-to-day life here is quite different from what it was initially before we started. Dementia is a neurodegenerative disease. Dementia or, in general, mental health in today’s world is unfortunately overlooked as patients don’t visit the doctor nor take appropriate steps early. We’ve seen that and felt it along our journey. Please do not neglect mental health and take proper precautions to take care of it.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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