Shane Bakshi

Shane Bakshi


“I discovered the Aashray NGO when I was in class 12. My uncle founded it, and it intrigued me to a great extent. I used to be a part of it soon after discovering it and took over the NGO in 2015 when my uncle moved abroad.I have had this urge to help people since a young age. I used to donate many previous years’ books to people who could not afford them. This translated to my compassion toward the cause of the NGO. The NGO also engages in the education field. We hold workshops in slums and educationally backward areas and teach the kids there. This is not a long-term teaching program, but it helps introduce the concept in a place where it is never even discussed. As I grew up, I realised that education is not the only field that needs addressing. So, I started various other aspects of the same NGO focussing on hunger, hygiene, and women empowerment.The next step was to expand the NGO to a pan-India level. We started doing it by employing people in different cities and collaborating with other NGOs in those cities. We have been working in 17 cities as of now. We also have more than ten campaigns going on and scheduled. These cover a broad spectrum of topics like hunger, blood donation, and women empowerment. Of these, the most unique to India is the one curated to help the LGBTQA+ community who are facing financial struggles. We have provided them with a ration. We have seen days with financial struggles ourselves; that is when we sought after sponsorship. Red F.M., Dabur India, etc., and other big such players have been associated with us. We need to change the image of NGOs across India as most people believe that NGOs today are only for name-sake and try to earn profits off the cause. There are some people still out there working towards the greater good.”

State : Chandigarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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