Feona Ketan Shah

Feona Ketan Shah

Vegan Sole

I am Feona Shah, currently in my 4th year, studying Fashion Communication. I had always desired to explore footwear making and had an intension to begin my own footwear brand, however coming from a Jain family, it was against my ethics to use any animal product. At the age of 20 me with my partner Nidhi Patel released our Footwear brand named “Vegan Sole” in 2021. It was my father who encouraged me to start early and focus on the brand tale, to deliver important message to the society, i.e “Against animal cruelty” On 30th april 2022 we celebrated our 1st year anniversary by feeding animals, of Rescue Shelter with our own profits.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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