Ashwin Murari Kandoi

Ashwin Murari Kandoi

Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru-based Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd is India’s leading provider of innovative engineering solutions. It was incorporated in 2004 by Ashwin Murari Kandoi, Managing Director. The company offers businesses end-to-end, real-time solutions from conceptualisation to optimisation. It has expanded expertise in the latest technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain and fintech, product engineering, and digital publishing, to serve customers better. The company has its research and development lab. It has developed products such as IoT Sense, an advanced full-scale IoT platform that enables connecting modern and legacy protocol sensors on the edge and cloud securely, and PredictSense, an automated machine learning platform built on an open application program interface (API) structure using efficient algorithms. Recognised as an engineering technology company in India and abroad, including in the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore, Winjit Technologies gets about 75% of its revenue from exports.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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