Nilesh Karandikar

Nilesh Karandikar

Fine Handling & Automation Private Limited

Incorporated in 2002, Fine Handling & Automation Private Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of high-performing material handling equipment/industrial manipulators. The products are used in automobiles, manufacturing, packaging, textile, paper, woodworking, food processing, and chemical industries. The company develops intelligent automation solutions to enable efficient material handling. It transforms existing material-handling processes into fast, safe, ergonomic and efficient ones. It has an innovation centre for industrial manipulators and material-handling solutions with advanced infrastructure. The company has applied for patents for its transportable conveyor, assembly assist mechanism, paver block handling system, and hook mechanism for overhead cable trolley. It uses technologies such as zero gravity, wherein the operator using the material handling equipment can lift and orient the load in a weightless fashion, and ‘load cell technology for manipulators’, where the handling manipulator is in a state of zero gravity for any weight in a specific weight range. Moreover, it has developed ‘servo-based elbow lift gantries’, which are low-headroom gantries for pick-and-place applications. The company has developed various innovative products such as Elbow Lift (customised handling equipment designed to lift large loads with a vertical lift), Accel Loader (a solution that helps workers load /unload from trucks or containers), Ergo Seat (designed to eliminate fatigue and effort arising from bending, standing in an awkward, position and repetitive works on an automotive assembly line), and Lift n Move (enables fast handling and movement of material and ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces).

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Electronic Systems

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