Mallesh Suttatti

Mallesh Suttatti

Bright Engineering Works

Bright Engineering Works has been engaged in manufacturing precision components, mainly CNC turned, milled, and ground parts, for various industries since 1987. Its products include milling machines and tungsten, aluminium, and stainless steel parts. It also provides milling, turning, and mechanical assembly services for various types of CNC machines, which enable the production of large batches of parts/components (thousand in one production run) as well as small batches of individual parts. The firm has adopted lean manufacturing practices. As part of the health, safety, and environment policy, it implements measures for environmental protection and the safety of employees at work. The firm caters to international markets such as Russia, the US, Singapore, and Malaysia. Export services constitute around 50% of its total sales. Its vision is to become a leading and preferred supplier of quality and reliable products in the engineering space globally.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Metals & Mining

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