Sonu Rao

Sonu Rao


“I was born in a family that was financially weak. In such an upbringing, all a man, and especially as an elder brother, one wishes to carry the future of your family into your own hands—I did exactly that!Nobody in my family believed in the power of education. Neither did we have money to fund my education. I grew up at my uncle’s place, away from my family. But after I completed my 9th, I came back to my home, Raipur, and as a grown man, I decided to fix things by becoming financially independent.My mom, in order to take care of the family and its expenses, had taken a loan of 3 lakh Rupees, nobody knew about it. But the day she told me about it, and we both had tears in our eyes, I told her ‘Mom, you have me, I will take care of the family and pay all our debt’.While I was studying for 12th grade and was not getting any job, I lied to my family saying that I got a job. But in reality, I had started my own coaching classes. I started coaching classes because I knew that this would encourage me to study and complete my education. My initial years were weak, I barely made ends meet but, I could take care of the basic expenses and my college fees. There were even times when if I had no money to pay rent, I’d sell my mobile and other assets, times when I slept in my coaching classes because of workload, but I knew, the show must go on. As time passed, I completed BCS in Anthropology and MSc in Chemistry. My RAO Classes grew so much that today, we teach 400-500 students every year having 8-10 highly qualified and trained teachers. With the money I made, I cleared all my family debts, and I even fund my younger brother’s education.This is what education does to one’s life!All I want to say is, to achieve anything in life, and become a good person. ‘Imaandari, Acchai, our Sacchai ko hamesha apne ander rakho. Baki sab apne aap theek ho jayega’”

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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