Shashwat Ambuj

Shashwat Ambuj

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I graduated from PESIT college of engineering in 2018 Bangalore. During my college days, I missed my homemade food, so I cooked a lot at my apartment. During those days, I realized the importance of proper nutrition and nourishment, so I thought, why not do something that can help people!! The desire to make others happy is a primary motivator. Anyone can start a food business with full planning and passion, but getting luck in an already crowded market nowadays is difficult. The major challenges are the fo development process, lack of structure, food quality, manpower, funding, and technology. So we came up with the idea of a cloud kitchen that served home-cooked meals with the finest ingredients and cooking methods right at the doorstep to provide satisfaction from both heart and soul. We can expect many bumps and catastrophes along the road into the unknown. More than branding, marketing, ingredients, or great package design, your personal resilience will be the biggest driver of your success. It all starts with a focus on GENEROSITY & BEING SELFLESS. Du the first lockdown, when everything was shut down, many people were dependent upon us for food. We were delighted to serve them every single day. We were just four of us in the kitchen, Chef, Helper, Roti Guy, and Myself, who did door-to-door delivery in my second hand scooty, which I luckily bought a day before the first lockdown. What I love most about being an entrepreneur is that you are self-employed. You create every day. No one tells you what to work on. No one cares when they come into the office. No one cares about the depth of your in-box. Only concrete results matter; tireless effort is just the stuff you do to get there. Last but not least, I express my gratitude to my Uncle Sandeep Agrawal, who has been the motivational energy behind us, and Aunt Divya Singhania, who has been a mentor for both of us, my Brother Raghav Agrawal & my Wife Vedika Singhania.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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