Vinamra & Priyanshi

Vinamra & Priyanshi


“From the beginning, I, Vinamra was deeply inspired by my father. He is a businessman, and I grew up learning various skills from him, which helped me to establish 2 businesses. And my sister, Priyanshi gained interest in entrepreneurship when the pandemic hit the world.We are a brother-sister duo who recently graduated, but got stuck with unemployment due to the Covid-19 situation. That is how we came up with our philosophy - If you cannot get a job, give a job. And we started our venture to support local artisans of India.One day we were having a conversation about the challenging situations our artisans were facing during this pandemic. So we came up with the idea of exploring different handcrafted arts and products all over India. We researched thoroughly and thought of working together with various artisans and selling their products across the globe. This will help them to get work and indeed helped us to find a path. Eventually, we got bulk manufacturing orders from a client in Singapore and the USA.HandnArt is a one-stop solution where you can purchase Home Décor, Woodcrafts, Indoor Fountains, Figurines, and Kitchen Utility Products. We work closely with local artisans to manufacture our products and to promote the cause 'Vocal-for-Local'. Our greatest strength is our high-quality and detail-oriented products. Any slight variation in the product is due to our experience in the handicraft industry. We believe that a slight variation in the product makes it unique and beautiful. We want to say to you all - If you cannot change the situation, then change the situation. It means don't be pessimistic about the attitude towards life if things are going off-shore. Maintaining calm and balance to seek the solutions of the problem.”

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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