Aniket Mahendra Rajani Salvi

Aniket Mahendra Rajani Salvi

Rajani Foundation India

“When my friends and I completed our graduation and were to start our post-graduation courses in 2014 a thought came to my mind that soon all of us would be working and earning, but as the youth of this country, we need to contribute to society as well. We started out as a voluntary deed by providing stationery items to underprivileged children to help them in their school studies. This gained popularity in our social circle and many people offered to join hands and make this even bigger thus Rajani Foundation India was born. New ideas came flowing in and new people started joining in. Over time the idea of “Each One, Teach One” was born. We decided to take the responsibility of educating underprivileged children from Class I to Class XII. We started with 2 students and today are taking care of over 250 students across Maharashtra.We began researching ways, places, and means where we could invest our resources. In the process, we came across tribal villages alongside the Mumbai-Nashik highway and learned that no one in those villages has ever studied beyond class VII. Upon being asked why they did not continue their studies they told us that till class 7 the education is free as provided by the Government. However, after that, they have to seek admission into schools that are expensive and far from their home. In 2020, four students became the first of the two villages to pass the SSC Board examination. Their stories encouraged the younger ones and today 36 students from those villages have enrolled in higher classes through Rajani Foundation’s initiative.Obviously, we had some challenges but we overcame them with the support and hard work of our team. Various workshops, campaigns, and competitions are conducted on regular basis for the overall development of students. Every action has a reaction. What we do today, will decide our future, Let’s contribute to helping others, let’s create a better future.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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