Rahul Arya

Rahul Arya


“I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to be a good ethical hacker, which attracts me to technology and programming.I lost my job as a system engineer. I took advantage of the lockdown and polished my web design and development skills. I got my first project from my roommate, who is a doctor. He asked me to design a website for him. And then my career as a freelancer started. Later on, I switched to a full-time entrepreneur.My entrepreneurial journey has been full of ups and downs as market competition is too high in this field and being a solopreneur. I was struggling for leads. But I got a project from my friend's cousin, who has an online boutique. I worked on their website, which helped boost my morale. Today after a year, we have helped over 20 clients to promote their business.My biggest challenge was getting clients at the start, and I was a noob in sales. I could not convert the leads, and the clients I got always needed other services to promote their business. Soon I realised I needed to offer a one-stop solution for my clients. Thus, I learned digital marketing and started applying it to my existing client business. I got good results. Now I offer web development as well as all digital marketing services. My startup is my most significant achievement. I believe one should never stop something in between. If you start it, then live it.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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