Rajat Soni

Rajat Soni


“Growing up in a tiny town of Punjab, Phagwara, where people don't even know the meaning of entrepreneurship.I have been passionate about entrepreneurship and startups since my school days. This later turned out to be my profession. Once I was stuck on the road when my bike broke down and was desperately searching for a mechanic, but I didn't find any good help. After this incident, it hit me that despite everything being online in today's fast-moving world, there is no such provision to help me recognise quality service providers in terms of auto mechanics and garages online, where I can find and book any garages based on my vehicle needs. This was the initiation of the idea for my startup VecRep. Later, I learned that these mechanics at the local repair shops do not follow any standards to assure quality and build trust in the drivers. I thought this is also an aspect that sets them apart from authorised service centres, which I need to look into if I continue in this field.My friends and family used to take advice from me about cars and their maintenance, so when someone asked me where they could get their car service done after their warranty period, I had to think which garage I should recommend them to. That is when I decided to venture into this business. First, I decided to take an offline survey to know the status of people and this problem. To my surprise, the answers that I got from analysing the feedback of this activity were not significantly different from what I expected them to be for my startup. So I made a business model and asked people what they expected from such a service. I even gained practical experience working in the garage for a month to understand their financial and administrative structure. "I believe if you have thought of something, you should not hesitate to take that leap of faith to start it."

State : Chandigarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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