Paullomi Matondkar

Paullomi Matondkar


“I have always wanted to do business. I was fascinated with being on my own and running a business on my own. I would often visualise myself as a successful, world-renowned business person during my growing up years. I think I always liked the idea of being my Boss.I secured a seat for Microbiology at St. Xavier's college, Mumbai. That institution moulded me and developed me into the person I am today. It taught me to believe in myself and my dreams. I got interested in personal finance and the stock market during my graduation years. Therefore, post my bachelor’s degree, I pursued a PG in personal finance and successfully cleared my CFP and CWM examinations.Then, in 2011, I, along with a friend, launched a personal finance consultancy firm. So, the journey that began in 2011 just expanded more in 2018, when I, with another friend, launched our brand in the minimalist contemporary jewellery field.Like it is rightly said, entrepreneurship isn't a cakewalk. The journey is full of ups and downs and stagnation too. You have to stay strong and pull through the rough phases while ensuring that you don't get carried away with every success you taste. Entrepreneurship is indeed a test of your willpower and determination to carry forward. Being a small business, the pandemic did affect our sales and plans to a large extent. However, we decided to stick through it and rework our business strategies and product portfolio. Today, I can happily say that our brand is here to stay and flourish in the coming years.I think taking the first step towards entrepreneurship is a significant achievement. In my decade of being an Entrepreneur, I am proud to have managed two different ventures running simultaneously.The most important aspect of being an Entrepreneur is Never to Give up and keep innovating. Being customer-centric is equally essential.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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