Meena Shah

Meena Shah

Starchild Education and Learning

“All my life, I have been teaching. It has been my profession so long that I consider it my second nature. The idea for my venture stemmed from memory of me teaching my son. When my son moved to Pune for his studies, I suddenly left with a lot of time apart from my teaching work. When I came across these worksheet websites that mainly were USA or UK websites and thought of creating this kind of a site for India. Then the pandemic hit, and people were forced to seek online help for everything, even teaching. I thought that given the situation that we are in now, the accessibility of the internet is not a problem anymore. When I remember that when I used to teach my son, we used to do it while playing games, the games made it enjoyable for him to learn and keep ongoing. That is how the idea of innovating a new method involving creativity and excitement for kids is seeded in my brain. Thus, my venture started. Since then, I have worked hard unceasingly towards this venture and hope to see it grow and help the students pan India.Teaching to me is not just about parting education and knowledge to students. I believe that a teacher holds power to transform a student’s life and that power should not be taken for granted. I am still in contact with so many of my students personally, and it overwhelms me to see the kind of bond we share even beyond the boundaries of a classroom.So, to everyone, student or teacher, I would like to say, follow your dream. Be diligent and determined to achieve your goal because you will get there if you work hard enough.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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