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Ayesha Kapur

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“I was 9 when I was offered the role of Michelle in the movie Black with Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee. This role made my childhood colourful, but despite this childhood experience and acclaim, I have had other professional interests develop over the years too.I attended a rigorous and academically challenging boarding school in the US for my education. I experienced stress, and even though I tried to eat healthily, I was not feeling good emotionally and had gained some weight. And at that point, I didn’t know why this was happening or what I could do to manage my stress, be more healthy and live a balanced life.It was in boarding school and then living in Mumbai (a big city with minor nature, lots of pollution and a fast-paced lifestyle) when I began to appreciate and realise the importance of meditation, exercise, and consuming nutritious food for emotional and physical health. I spent a reasonable amount of time researching the proper lifestyle and the right kind of food. Eventually, I attended IIN (the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), and I became a certified health coach, and a lot of my questions were solved. This insight helped me lead a good life, and I want to spread this knowledge and help people live healthy lifestyles.Through health coaching, I help people transform their lives. I saw many people following diets blindly, which can be pretty unhealthy in reality. My work as a coach and wellness influencer is to help people get in tune with their bodies. Each person is unique, each body is fantastic, and we must listen to our bodies signals and create sustainable change to lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from my acting and health coaching background, I founded an accessory company called Ayesha Accessories.I’ve learned in life the importance of being able to be oneself and find the people who allow and encourage you to be that person.”

State : Puducherry

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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