Deep Prabha

Deep Prabha


“As a child, entrepreneurship was never in my mind. I was always attracted to art. Last year when the lockdown was imposed, I started indulging myself in artworks to keep away from all the negativities around the world so I won't feel trapped inside the house. Hence I started my Instagram page and posted whatever I made. I got attracted to mandalas and started creating them. It gave me peace of mind and helped me concentrate on one thing.After making mandalas, I started exploring them more, combining them with different kinds of paintings and other mediums, such as gouache, acrylic, and watercolour. Later on, I stumbled upon dot mandalas which are so beautiful to look at. My sales journey started from dot mandalas. I sold my first piece of a customised dot mandala. I have conducted many workshops and live sessions over this past year and have teamed up with a few colleges. I have recently started resin, and I have sold many pieces in the past three months. I have made custom resin products and hampers for clients.I have been a part of the Anupam art family since last October. It's a colossal stationery brand, and I'm lucky enough to associate them. I have worked with girlupikhtiyar and Tula's institute to provide them with workshops for a good cause. I have conducted many online workshops and one on one sessions across India.Never give up. No matter what, keep trying, don't let your hopes fall ever; it's hard, we all know that, but everything will find a way to sustain in your life if you keep working towards it. Abandonment should never be a choice; it becomes a habit otherwise. keep on working towards what you have dreamt of; you will get it someday.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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