Sadiya Khan

Sadiya Khan

Akund Communications

“I come from a very strict middle-class background with traditional ideologies, where a woman's role is only to be a good wife and a great mother. I was brought up to believe that my education is valuable only to get a better prospect in marriage. I am the first generation entrepreneur in my family and being a woman, this was indeed unexpected for me. I always aspired to work on my terms. Although sticking to the cycle of a 9-5 job assured me a stable income, I always longed for being the navigator of my life, and being an entrepreneur gives me a sense of responsibility and accountability towards my work, as our venture is like our baby and we never let our baby suffer at any cost.My journey started in 2015 at a small rented and shared office space in the Mumbai suburb. Although just a handful, I was lucky to have clients who trusted in my capabilities, which kept the flame burning. The teething challenge was always to prove my capabilities, as my agency had no positioning in front of the giant players whose clientele spoke for themselves. That's where I started to apply my strategies. The journey so far has been one roller coaster of a ride. After steady growth and income, leaving it all and starting on my own was a bold decision to make. But I am happy with the way my brand has grown from a small boutique firm only doing PR, to today what it has become – A full-fledged 360-degree communications agency. I would like to say that don't let your failures define you. Be fierce, be persistent, be resilient, just work towards your goals, and success will find its way to you.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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