Pritha Paul

Pritha Paul


“Ever since I was a child, I wanted to pursue a unique career and something that no one in my family had done before. Not being sure of what that venture would be, I took the path of becoming a school teacher, an option my parents considered safe for a girl. I was very dissatisfied with this decision and it didn't take me much time to realize my love for food and food history. Before I knew it, I started an Instagram page for the same. I tried different cuisines and posted pictures along with short write-ups of the history of the food. Words like food bloggers and food influencers seemed alien to me at the time.Soon, I started gaining recognition for my work, and restaurants and cafes started approaching me for promotion. It was an unknown dream come true for me. I spent two years building my online presence, creating content, and connecting with the people in my line of work. Most people don't show a lot of interest in the history of the food they eat so, to make it more interesting, I brought my modern touch to the supposedly boring genre. Food is the amalgamation of the story of its origin and the magic of the hands that bring life to it. Thus, I also tried to bridge the gap between the common man and the food maker. These achievements did not come without their challenges. Coming from a middle-class family, the food and business industry was abstruse. Additionally, I didn't have any guidance since I didn't know anyone in the industry. I didn't let these obstacles deter me from my path of passion. I constantly tried to improve myself as a blogger, followed senior bloggers, learned more about the history of various dishes, and also blogged about old heritage restaurants and their undiscovered stories. All of this hard work helped me become what I am today, which is one of the youngest food bloggers in Kolkata. I truly believe that there is no age or rule to start in a new walk of life. Just believe that you can do it.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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