Prabhat Dhakal

Prabhat Dhakal

“Growing up, I was very passionate about computers, and after graduating from 10th standard, I was able to purchase my first one. I knew I wanted to explore the field of computers and their services. I wanted to do something in my land and help my people in any way. I established a Travel and Leisure Company called Serene Sikkim. At Serene Sikkim, we believe that travelling is not just visiting places. Travelling is incomplete without learning about a destination and its people’s basic knowledge. Thus, in simple words, we provide sustainable and rural tourism. We provide the best and most affordable packages, from the cheapest to the most luxurious ones. We help the tourists know more about Sikkim, the lifestyle of the rural people, and the experience of rural life. However, the travel industry took a severe hit after the pandemic.It was then that I began noticing a lot of budding small companies in Sikkim that were doing very well. The people that started these businesses had monetised their hobbies into something beautiful. Suddenly, I got the idea of helping these small and mid-size businesses by giving them a platform where they could sell their products. We recognised the problem that small businesses faced with delivering products across India. This was when the idea of Sukhum. It came to life. It is an online marketplace to buy and sell homemade, handcrafted, painted, organic products made in Sikkim and North East India. We bridged the gap between SMBs and helped provide the people of North East India a way to make their products available across India easier. I faced many challenges throughout my journey, but I didn't think of them as challenges. I considered them tasks that needed to be completed no matter what. I believe that one should never be afraid to fail and, most importantly, never think that you cannot accomplish something.”

State : Sikkim

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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