Raja Kumar

Raja Kumar

Greenroot Construction

“Grown up in poverty, my father was a bus conductor, and we in India could not afford to buy basic things for an ordinary man. But despite being poor, I have always had rich dreams about my life.I was studying in a government school, and when I was in 9th standard, my father met with an accident. A bus ran over his feet, and he became disabled. The family had to mortgage everything to pay a lot of money for his treatment, and in return, we also lost the only earning member in the family. Being the eldest of all the siblings, I had to bear the responsibility of running the family.In 2016, after my father's accident, I joined a cooler company as a helper with a salary of Rs. 3500 per month. But within a few months, I quit because my boss had misbehaved with me. At that time, I told myself that this was the time I should do business. After all, what do I have to lose?I left my job and returned to my village Khanwan in Nawada, Bihar. And I applied for the Prime Minister Employment Generation Scheme run by KVIC. I founded Raja Flyash Bricks, and with the permission of my family, I mortgaged my only house and took a loan of Rs. 20 lakhsAt that time, the government encouraged people not to use 'red bricks' as it was not good for the environment. I researched the internet and saw that a better alternative to red bricks is fly ash bricks.I decided to use fly ash bricks to build the house, which would be good for the environment and be pocket-friendly.I struggled to get a client because I had no goodwill in the market, but once I found one, it was like a domino; my work spoke for itself. My journey has taught me one thing in life. If people call you crazy because of your dreams and ambitions, you are definitely on the right track."

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Construction

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