Sukhain Jain

Sukhain Jain

Ayeshwa and Sujit Jewellers

“I used to play cricket professionally and Represented Hyderabad state. But as much as I loved cricket, I couldn’t see my personal or professional growth in it; on the other side, I thought I wanted to explore another side of mine: business. But joining as a 6th gen businessman in a 150-year-old legacy came with many expectations and challenges. There was a certain pressure. Will I be able to maintain and grow the company’s goodwill and scale the business?Initially, I joined the sales and marketing department and eventually, after a year, I found my interests more manufacturing and technical side of the Jewellery industry. I was learning the in and out of business. The more I explored, the more opportunities I could see. I had a plan to set up our manufacturing unit, and my father told me to execute it independently.I took the risk and successfully executed my plan(his guidance was always there)—this gave me the confidence to step up and found my jewellery brand, Ayeshwa by Sujit Jewellers. We started with a collection of Both Gold and Diamond.Ayeshwa is a jewellery brand with various Collections of Gold, Diamond, Kundan and Polki. Ayeshwa specialises in Designing and Customizing jewellery. Based in Secunderabad, Telangana Even though I could not pursue my career as a cricketer, it is still an integral part of my life. There is a lot of similarity between sports and entrepreneurship. In both professions, you have a team, a strategy, risk, efficiency, teamwork, planning, and winning and losing. Hence, cricket played a pivotal part in my entrepreneurial success.My success mantra is, as said by Dhirubhai Ambani, Our Dreams have to Be bigger, Our Ambitions higher, Our commitment deeper, And Our efforts greater.”

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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