Sakina Imani

Sakina Imani

S H N & Associates

“My parents always had a significant influence on me. Seeing two educated professionals as role models in my childhood, I always aspired to be educated and have my setup. Being an albino, many people encouraged me to take up something less of a burden academically. Still, due to this, I was more inclined to pursue Chartered Accountancy and prove my capability. I always believed that I was created with the same generosity as anyone else. After clearing Chartered Accountancy, I worked in corporates and firms. However, I planned to have something of my own soon due to my parent's influence. The moment I met like-minded partners, I never gave a second thought to the idea of creating our enterprise.S H N & Associates was founded back in 2016. Our firm provides consultancy and advisory services in the field of taxes along with assistance in entity registration and initial licenses & compliances required for small and medium businesses partnership formation, company formation, LLP registration, GST registrations MSME Consultancy, etc. Being a firm of young Chartered, we have expertise in faceless assessments and online registration requirements with various compliance agencies.We started with an office with a tiny room, one PC, one employee, and zero clients and are now at 130 clients, a team of employees, and a small but decent office. The journey from 0 to 130 was highly challenging, but we proved ourselves, our knowledge, and our dedication at every point.As an individual, I faced being an albino Muslim woman in a men-dominated profession. But with the help of the immense support I received from my family ( parents and in-laws), life partner, and partners at work, I accepted and overcame all challenges wholeheartedly. There is no work without challenge, and in life, the process of proving your worth never ends.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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