Aroma Rose Baby

Aroma Rose Baby


“I have shown interest in business and management from a very young age. In 7th grade, I remember we started a small venture during my summer vacation. It was buying vegetables and other necessities for the household as per the order given and then charging a small amount. I am proud to say that we earned a substantial margin for our efforts. It was tough managing a team, and even though small, it was challenging at that young age. But I believe every experience contributed and added up to my interest in business and management.I have always been a nature lover, and the fact that the earth is being destroyed and not restored each day disturbed me, so I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. E-waste was something that needed to be acknowledged and taken care of. Why throw it away or use it in landfills when you can make beautiful products? And so I did. I started my firm, Restart, today; Restart makes beautiful home decors and furniture out of this e-waste that once you used to throw away, saying it’s useless. Well, now you use, and we reuse.My journey so far has been incredible. I learned a lot in my journey, from organising a team to convincing investors. I had to negotiate with the dealers, take orders and convince them with excellent communication. My skills in acting and taking vital decisions at the right time helped me to improve over time. Today I can proudly say that I am a hardworking and determined strong woman capable of entrepreneurship.Something about running your own business brings out the naysayers. One of the biggest challenges I faced was social criticism. I was warned repeatedly about the various ways my business could fail by my dear ones. And, of course, I had to prove them wrong, so I toiled hard for it every time I felt like giving up; this kept me going.All this time, you didn't know and blamed the lack of knowledge. Now that you know take every step to save and make the earth a better place to live in.”

State : Kerala

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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