Harsh Shodhan

Harsh Shodhan


“I was born into an entrepreneurial family where everyone on my mother’s side was a mill owner, and my father had his own packaged products manufacturing. I was always in awe of the large factories and production, and my father used to take me to his factory regularly. The business was in my blood.I was in my first year of Bcom, enjoying my carefree college days when my father introduced me to Mr Mukesh Ambani. When he asked me what I did, I told him I was in college. He was shocked that I wasn't working with my father. He said, ‘Dhirubhai had put us to work when we left school.’ That meeting was a turning point in my life, and the very next day, I insisted I start working in my father’s office. At 20, I took over my father’s factory and started turning it around to make it profitable. Simultaneously, I put up a chemical plant. I lost my father to cancer at the age of 25. I couldn't manage both the factories, so I decided to sell the family business and concentrate on the chemical plant. But fate had other ideas, and we had to shut the chemical plant. I soon got onto the IT wave and successfully ran an ITES business for ten years with more than 200 people working under me. But the Great American Financial crisis affected my business, and it was down by 80%. During this challenging time, being passionate about food - cooking & eating, I started blogging and thought of converting my hobby into a business as a home chef. I was 39 when I made this transition, but since then never looked back and have grown from a home chef to an Asia award-winning caterer & chef.I believe if you can convert your passion into business success will follow. My mantra of success is passion, patience & perseverance.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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