Vishal Mukhi

Vishal Mukhi

Draupati Fashion

“Having my roots in business, I believe I was born to be an entrepreneur. My father had always been involved in the retail business but I never saw my place in his business. I always felt the urge to find a path for myself. To do so, I went to Jodhpur to work with my uncle and learn about the production and manufacturing of lehengas, sarees, and Kurtis. There, I understood the technicalities of starting things from scratch. This gave me the push to come back to Kolkata and start my manufacturing and wholesale setup. Wholesalers, there were more focused on having varieties in terms of designs and sizes and I heard retailers complaining about not having enough plus-size clothing. I realized that retailers don’t keep such big sizes because they don’t easily get them at reasonable rates. That’s the moment when I chose the road less taken by others. I studied the market and made it my niche market.My business is named after my grandmother, Draupati Fashions. The feeling of making the business live up to her name kept me motivated. My business was in its germination stage when the world faced a terrible pandemic. During the lockdown days when businesses were getting shut and businessmen all over the world lost all hopes, I was motivated to take my business online. I used the online portals to clear off my stock and listed my upcoming new stock too after the lockdown uplifted. It’s been a year now and I’ve managed to get my business registered in online portals and managed sales all year-round. I also faced numerous other challenges like entering a well-established market and shortage of funds but with hard work, new sales channels, and variations in the product types, soon, the business acquired the market and captured a decent share it. Never let your problems become a barrier on your path to success. Work on it, convert those shortcomings into opportunities, and then see how the tables turn for you.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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