Nishna Varma

Nishna Varma

The Barkery by NV

“Most of my family members were entrepreneurs. Seeing them bring their ideas to life, which positively influenced others, made an impact on me and that's when I knew that I'd like to be an entrepreneur one day as well.When my dog Hugo was diagnosed with a gluten allergy I started looking for gluten-free and natural treats for him in the market and found none. That's when I started baking at home for him and Fido, the fussier one out of the two, and the treats were approved by both of them! That's when I realized that there must be other pet parents facing similar problems and that's how my journey as an entrepreneur started. At the age of 20, I started The Barkery, initially with just dog biscuits but now we provide treats and cakes for both dogs and cats, along with dog accessories and toys. All products available at The Barkery are 100% natural, gluten-free, made with real human-grade ingredients, and do not contain any preservatives, sugar, added colors, or artificial flavorings.We have recently launched a new category called "Hugo & Fido's Shop - For A Cause" in memory of my 2 boys Hugo and Fido. 15% of the sales proceeds from this category are donated to EARTHLINGS TRUST a dog NGO, where that takes care of sick and elderly dogs.When I started The Barkery, there were no gluten-free treats available in the market, hence no one was aware that gluten is not good for their pets. After spending a lot of time explaining to my potential customers why our products are better than the cheaper alternatives in the market, we received a good response from all over India, and pet parents eventually understood the importance of a healthy and natural diet for their pets. We aim to make sure that all dogs and cats eat healthily!”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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