Sunanda Singh

Sunanda Singh

Quantumware Technical Services

Raised in a small village of Bihar in a lower-middle-class family, Sunanda's father was a farmer and thus, couldn't afford a quality education. When she got in contact with a whole new world outside her village, she was miserable because there was everything she had not explored. When you step outside your comfort zone, you realize that things are beyond your imagination. She completed graduation and got a 9-5 job in a reputed organization.She never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. She had a work experience of about 2 years with a certain company but then it suddenly hit her, and she realised that life is beyond this and success has a whole different definition. Leaving her 9-5 job was not something my friends & well-wishers supported, which compelled her to continue the job for some more months. But this time, she was not enjoying it and finally decided to quit. Initially, she was a bit nervous, but she always knew that it was indeed a game-changer deep inside.She then started a completely IT-based startup that provides software services like website development, software, mobile application, etc. Their goal is to provide end-to-end IT support to non-IT startups and SMEs. They provide services customised from client to client and start-ups get complete IT solutions from their experts. She got out of her comfort zone and broke the stereotypes to keep her career above everything, and it was all worth it.Now she can happily & proudly say she is enjoying what she is doing and feel no more considerable success than this.

State : Odisha

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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