Honey Thakkar

Honey Thakkar

Globalhype Media Solutions

“My dream was to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy but due to a lack of finances, I took out a loan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Application. I always wanted to do something big in life and make my family financially strong.Therefore, I started visiting incubation centers in my free time post-college and started meeting startups. I eventually started brainstorming ideas to start a business. To understand how a company works holistically, I joined a startup and handled their e-commerce. These job experiences with the startup companies have not only enhanced my skills but helped to observe the challenges a startup faces to grow further.I discovered that young entrepreneurs face a lot of complexities at the beginning of their journey, from strategically building a business to registering it, getting licenses & permits, getting the right manpower & marketing it well. I found an opportunity wherein I could help solve these untapped problems to create a pool of fields in one place, to support entrepreneurs with just one click. Our company GlobalHype Media solutions allow aspiring entrepreneurs, small traditional businessmen, and especially housewives who want to become financially independent. We make them capable of taking and doing their business online through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. We are also Amazon Authorised Training Partner for India and Global Amazon Authorised Service Provider. We are the awardee of "The Most Influential Ecommerce Professional Award 2020" at Taj Lands, Mumbai, and were also selected for the Nominee of Superwomen 2020 and 2021 in India.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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