Juhi Chadha

Juhi Chadha

The Olympics Academy

“Business and entrepreneurship have always been steady goals for me. After graduating from college with a mathematics and business degree, I founded The Olympics Academy in September 2016, as I was inclined toward technology-enabled education. I worked with my team to design an after-school curriculum for students that was invigorating, challenging, honed students’ skills and streamlined their interests for a prospective career goal. We started courses in robotics, science activities, python programming, game development, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, 3D printing, Zumba, and many more. When the lockdown happened, we shifted some of our courses online. Some people who wanted their children to take part in these courses were not from very financially sound backgrounds. I set some profits aside and started free weekend batches because I wanted everyone to benefit from this.It was very difficult to make people understand the importance of interpersonal skills and why I wanted children to learn something different from the traditional subjects. Schools were reluctant because they believed that it wouldn't help the children with their school curriculum. I ran an academic tutoring program simultaneously but my main aim was still to provide necessary skills. In 2021, The Olympics Academy ventured into a new domain, which is financial literacy course. I am currently working on an online model and an app which allows students to turn up for online classes. and trying to bridge the gap between the students’ requirements and the curriculum offered by schools. I have been awarded the Teaching Innovation Award on 4th August 2021 by Youth for You organization.In my belief, my biggest accomplishment wasn’t seeing the soaring business but the ability to utilize my finances in the right way to empower kids and bring everlasting joy to them through these free workshops.”

State : Uttarakhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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