Nandini Khandelwal

Nandini Khandelwal

CocoBee Home Linens

“I was born and raised to believe that everyone in our family had to have a career and a mindset to work towards our goals. In 1997, I had my second child. Being a part of a nuclear family, leaving both my sons alone at home and going to work was not an option. This naturally led me to explore new avenues and pursue work that could be done from home. 1997 to 2004 were my early years of learning, exploring my talents, and finding things that would help me start my journey to be an entrepreneur. I began to create custom-made quilts for my children and this hobby began to expand to family & close friends. In 2004, we registered as the brand CocoBee Home Linens. We had numerous exhibits all over the country and steadily began gaining happy clientele. It was all offline networking initially, but we graduated to selling through later online portals and eventually launched.Our products are made with azo-free dyes, that are safe for children and adults, and all fabrics and materials used are made from pure yarn and not synthetic materials. Since 2019, our products have been showcased in shows and popups across Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik and were also featured in Femina.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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