Sangeeta Gangwani

Sangeeta Gangwani


“As a child, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. All of my uncles were owners of their respective businesses and I could see their drive to grow. They were always exchanging ideas about what strategy was benefiting them. I was in awe of the feeling of having the freedom to make your own decisions as an entrepreneur. I worked in my family firm for 20 years as an Accounts Head and decided to work independently only after I got free from my family duties. My children grew up and as I had more time on my hands, the passion to venture into something new drove me to study again. I started studying again at the age of 45 years and launched my company in January 2020 as a career counselor.However, the lockdown struck soon in March 2020. Before I could start properly, all the students' plans to go abroad and study or go to college were put on pause. So it took me nearly 6 months more to properly launch and get my business moving, but once I started it has been a beautiful journey. I have guided many students concerned about their plans & career goals. I also have guided many parents who had to be convinced that their child's choice of career will be rewarding in the future.I have helped numerous children in getting admission into their desired college, finalizing their career path, and selecting the right subjects of interest for them. Putting a smile on the parent's faces knowing that their children are in good hands feels like a huge achievement. The 3 C's of life are Choice, Chance & Change. To make the Best Choice in your career you have to take the Chance and be ready for Change. I aim to help you make the Right Choices and take Informed Decisions about your future.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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