Gopal Jhaveri

Gopal Jhaveri


“My journey for the environment of Mumbai started on May 1, 2011. We found a dead deer while jogging in the National Park and found out that it had 3.5-5 kg of plastic in its system. That was when we decided that we wanted to do something for the environment. We started a plastic project and every Sunday morning we asked for people’s help and collected plastic. Some people laughed at us while others gave their support. But by October 2, we had collected 80,000 kg of plastic and the National Park was plastic-free. We were awarded certificates and the plastic was converted into benches.On October 2, 2011, we launched the pollution-free Sanjay Gandhi National Park and launched cycle projects within it. Today, there are more than 400 cycles and more than 1 crore rupees surplus with the government. We handed it over to the department and moved on to working to stop the entry of vehicles into the park. Last March, private vehicles were prohibited from the park. The Sanjay Gandhi national park is 104 sq km which is approximately one-fourth of Mumbai and has the world’s dense leopard population.At the same time, there were a number of people who wanted us to work on the infrastructure in Mumbai as well. That was when we came up with the concept of Mumbai March. It is an initiative for the rejuvenation of Mumbai's environment, infrastructure, and slums. We understood that we could only rejuvenate the rivers only when we worked in the slums. 65% of Mumbai is in slums and due to water supply leakages/water discharge, Encroachments of Eco-sensitive zones, and health issues affect people's lives and 0 slums is a public movement focusing on the same.Our cities will be what we make them come forward to save your city.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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