Kapil Goyal

Kapil Goyal

My Kitchen Kart

“I never planned on becoming an entrepreneur, but now that I am one, I realize that it was meant to be. Helping my father in our family business and taking responsibility planted the seeds for my entrepreneurship journey. After completing my college education, I decided to do my own thing. Being a food lover, I was always in doubt about whether what I eat serves the purpose of authenticity and fresh specialties? This thought gave me an idea to transform it into a platform – a brand, a website, a digital strategy. I started a business with my two co-founders. My Kitchen kart is a platform that provides customers with a surety of freshness and quality products like fruits and vegetables. The only reason behind starting My Kitchen Kart was to deliver a good quality product at a reasonable price to the customers.Initially, we were confined to a single room with limited resources and a few contacts with the biggest challenge being the survival of the company. I had spent hours on YouTube and was able to design a website and a mobile application. However, as we enabled consumers to get what they pay for and ensured their overall level of trust in us, word of mouth spread. We got 1k+ downloads on the play store and were able to deliver over 20k+ orders during the second lockdown. The biggest achievement according to me was being able to survive such a competitive market with no fundraising. At the end of the day, you need to make these things clear to yourself: Who are you? What is it that you always wanted to be? Where do you want to stand tomorrow?”

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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