Mihir Turakhia & Chaitanya Davda

Mihir Turakhia & Chaitanya Davda

Vocal For local Platforms LLP

Both Mihir Turakhia and Chaitanya Davda were fortunate enough to be surrounded by entrepreneurs since childhood. Mihir always had ideas running through his head about trying to run a business and the different ways of making money. He studied Business Management and completed his Master’s in International Business in the UK. As Mihir joined the family business in 2008, Chaitanya graduated and came back to India to work in a real estate company.Mihir started his line of fabrics for the export market in 2012. It was a rollercoaster journey and along with “how to run a business” he also learned exactly “how not to run a business”. As a young entrepreneur, facing debts in business due to lack of payment from international clients could have shaken him to the core. However, instead of crying over spilt milk, he focussed his energies on growing the business and recovering what he could. He developed new clients in 5 other countries and while flying to different countries, would set short-term goals and wouldn’t fly back till they were achieved. He believes the best is yet to come.Chaitanya’s entrepreneurial journey began with Space Valet in 2016 and then Vocal for Local in 2020. Even though his hard work in the real estate world didn't materialize, he realized with the guidance of his family that these ups and downs were part of any successful business. He spent the next few years getting physically and mentally fitter and growing other verticals of the family business successfully. His hard work and diligence won him appreciation from the Solicitors, Tax Accountants, Investment Banker, and senior management of the company that acquired them.Mihir and Chaitanya want every household in India to be able to have an additional source of income and want every woman/man/teen sitting at home to follow their passion and showcase their talents from within the four walls of their home.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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