Mrs. Rani Kumar

Mrs. Rani Kumar

Auntys Oven

“Until 16 months ago, I had no idea I was going to start such a beautiful business. My family and friends always appreciated the cakes and cookies I made at home and encouraged me to start a business around it. Being a homemaker I never got the time until my kids pushed me during the lockdown last year. Initially, I was worried about how I would manage both the house and the bakery. But my loving kids supported me with all of the work.They brainstormed the brand name, put together the packaging, and gave me a surprise one day with 'Aunty's Oven' printed on the boxes. I was thrilled with moist eyes and felt blessed to have such lovely kids. My husband and in-laws also supported me fully.Then, there was our first order! We were all excited and waited for the cake to come out of the oven! Within no time, the orders kept on increasing and our small oven could no longer bear the huge pressure on its tiny shoulders. Our first business investment was a bigger oven. My kids handle the advertising, logistics, and customer relations while I handle the department of baking.When I started my business, I was questioned by some people as to what was the need to start own business; And the loud voice of my passion for baking knew that giving a reason was not important. And as soon as the appreciation started pouring in, the questions stopped too. We now have more than 800 customers with over 600 written positive reviews and 1500 orders in the past year. It's not the money that I am earning that matters. It is the pleasure of work, the love I get from my family, and the happy feedback from customers that matters to me the most. Also, most of the profit earned is being donated to the NGO”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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